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"Hello. My name is Allan Ierardi, Also known as "The Local Web Guy".

For some time many of those working with me began referring to me this way. The name's sort of grew on me and now use it as my web persona. It's easy to recall and personal like the way I work. I hope you'll remember it when you need help with finding or improving your place on the web. It may be world wide but it has a way of making all things local.

"I believe in and support local small business"

Often heard is the call to 'Buy American'. To me it means buying from local businesses and supporting your friends and neighbors who work hard to offer you quality goods and services. We create needed jobs with local economic activity.

Think globally if you wish but thinking and shopping locally supports established business and encourage the start of new ones. That's what built America and has kept it strong!

In these times of concern we should proceed cautiously but with confidence in ourselves. We are,the people and we've been here before. Did you know prosperity has followed every major recession? That's because we don't quit. We knuckle down, work hard and accomplish great things. We're not afraid of hard work or hard times. We are the economy.

Unsure of what to do next? Many of clients simply turn the task over to me. I can get a feel for your needs, take photos if necessary, write the appropriate copy and then deliver a complete web site to enhance your online presence. A meeting or two, a few phone calls and a good exchange of e-mail will result in an no-hassle, affordable web site. Click the examples above to see my work. Your business can be seen here too!

Got and ideas or questions? Let me know. You'll be surprised how fast, easy and affordable it can be. You can also reach me at 217.621.9689 during normal business hours. Voice mail is my assistant so just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Remember, I'm ready to help solve your web presence needs in anyway I can.

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